Greetings and salutations!

This is my academic website, where you can get an idea of the type of research I do in my job as a Senior Research Fellow at University College London.

I support equality in science as part of the UCL Computer Science Athena SWAN Committee. To read more about what this committee does look here.

I’m also a member of the UCL Computer Science Research Ethics Committee, which means I think quite a bit about computers and ethics. To read more check out my blog.


I have a (somewhat randomly acquired) background in physics, engineering and computer science which I use in a clinical research setting. My speciality is computational and statistical modelling of disease progression (called “disease progression modelling”), with a particular focus on Huntington’s disease.


Broadly speaking, I research two main topics: first, I develop new disease progression models; second, I apply these models to patient data to learn new and clinically useful information.

In my current project funded by the Medical Research Council, my principle research question is: can we use disease progression modelling to improve clinical trial design?


I work between the UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing and the UCL Huntington’s Disease Centre, within the UCL Department of Computer Science and UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, respectively.